[00:00:04] Hi! I’m Dan Ronan, here with eHow media. And today I’d like to share a few tips with you on how to do theatrical photography. Now first and foremost if you’re ever at a theater and you’re taking photographs don’t ever have your flash on. This can not only distract the viewers but it can actually distract the actors in the performance as well.

Another good tip is to make sure to have a lens that will actually open up quite a lot because you never know what the lighting is going to be in there. And if it’s too dark you may not get a shot. Now your position is also very key. What I would suggest is getting a lens that you can have that will zoom in far enough that you can stand in the back of the theater and you can still get a very good tight angle on the actors themselves and always being the dead center is never a bad option. Mainly because the actors they’re always giving their performance out to the audience. So you’ll never gonna get a too unflattering angle on the performers themselves.

Now that was just a few tips for taking pictures at a theatrical performance. I’m Dan Renner key. Take your best shot.