Hey guys! So I just wanted to give you guys a very quick tip on shooting natural light.

Especially if you’re shooting in shade, a lot of people think just because they’re shooting in shade, that they can shoot anywhere and the light is gonna be good. Well, I just want to show you guys, how the model would interact with the light if she just turns and faces different directions. And I think it’s very important that when you are shooting natural light. Again, you don’t just shoot in the first place that you see. So, have the model move around. So you can see how the light is hitting her face. We are in a shaded area right now and the sun is kind of setting, it’s like an hour before sunset. So what I would normally do is have the model move around.

For instance, if we were to go over here, you see how it is shaded, but it’s darker on her face.

So I encourage anyone who is shooting and shade to find where the light works best on the model’s face. A lot of people shoot and shaded areas but what they’re not aware of, is that the light is different areas of where you’re standing of the shade. Because it’s shaded doesn’t mean, the light is going to be great and every angle and every spot. So again, you know if you just do a quick turn. You can see the light is changing on her face and again see how much better than light is. So you just want to be aware. Like, if you stop right here, you just want to be aware of where you’re standing. When you’re shooting in natural light. So I might take one quick photo, of what would be the best possible lighting scenario, natural light and then one not so great lighting scenario. And then she just would have would just turn and that would be the difference between good light and bad light. Let me just do that really quickly. So we’re in a shaded area and I’m having Janelle face the best possible light that I found in the shaded area. And I’m going to take a picture just to show you guys.

What difference it’s going to make from her turning to look for another angle. So you know if you just stand. And Janelle’s going to stay standing right here. Well, we’re going to turn her. There is in the same spot but she’s just turning a little.

And this one is a little bit more shaded on this way because natural light isn’t heading hitting great. So then we’re gonna turn this way. Where it’s a little bit backlit but technically this is shade. And then one last, one is we’re going to turn this way again. This is another shaded area. And we’re going to take another picture.

And when I show you guys these photos,  you’re gonna notice that they’re all completely different. Even if we’re in the shaded area. So I just want you guys to be aware. Make sure you actually look at the model’s face when you’re taking pictures even if it’s a natural light, even if it’s shaded. Just watch the light wherever you are. And I hope this was helpful for some people. And Janelle thank you for modeling and thank you for videotaping and I hope this was helpful. Thank you guys for watching.