Hey Guys! It’s Jana. Welcome to the installment of stay inspired. So today, we were going to talk about backlight but then we came out and as you see it’s like cloudy.

But that’s awesome for photos you guys, it’s so good. So what we can talk about instead is about how to when it’s like cloudy like this. How do you use your light anyway? And also about how to put things in your foreground to make your location look grander than it actually is. So Tim’s going to kind of show you  Look we’re right off the interstate. Look at this. But it looks like we’re in the middle of a field. We have Christine and Carlo with us today. So we just wanna kind of show you know by using things in your foreground like this. You’re going to see from the photos, it looks like they’re in this field and it’s so amazing. And I’m shooting up to them and it’s just like really fun. So I’m metered for them at 4.0. My ISO is two hundred and my shutter speed is 1000.

So I’m shooting with a twenty-four to one to five. This is actually, Carla’s lens, and it’s really wide. So thankful that you borrow it. It’s awesome. So those are my settings for today. And let’s keep shooting.

 [00:02:02] So you guys check it out. I mean how beautiful. It looks like they’re like in a field and it’s totally amazing. Next time it’s sunny. And I’ve got Tim, We’ll go over the backlight. So, Thank you guys so much for stopping by.