Today, we give you five small photography tips that produce huge results. And don’t forget the bonus.

Small tip number one: Get closer.

This one is super simple. Have you ever taken those pictures where you’ve maybe got an incredible background in your subject? Looks like they’re about this big. That’s because you need to move closer, by moving closer to your subject. The subject gets bigger. And now they’re the focus of the picture. It will improve your picture by a thousand percent.

Small tip number two: Change your perspective.

You know, I see so many photographers that take every picture right here at this height. By going down on your knees and taking the picture, you have changed your perspective. Standing up, taking the photo, that changes your perspective again by raising that camera up over your head. You have now changed your perspective.

Small tip number three: Watch your backgrounds.

Now we always hear you be saying watch out for those antler effects. Antler is coming out the ears because maybe you’re you’ve got a tree in the background. But it’s really more about where you place your subjects according to the background.

Small tip number four: Horizon lines.

Hey! I’m not talking about where to place that horizon as far as where it is on your subject. I’m talking about crooked horizons. Have you ever seen that photo, where someone standing by the beach? And it looks like maybe the ocean is going to spill out because of the horizons at an angle. Listen, it’s not hard to get a straight horizon if not at least fix it in the post.

Small tip number five: News flash.

Now we’ve been telling you that for a long time and every photographer knows to use flash. But, a lot of it doesn’t do it because we’re the first people to tell you. We love natural light and you can get amazing pictures with natural light. But, by adding flash you add color, contrast, and sharpness.

Are you ready for Bonus small tip number six: Where do I place my flash?

Well, guess what it’s really simple. If you’re photographing a subject and the sun is over this side of their shoulder Place the light on the same side. That way it looks like the sun is wrapping around your subjects. It looks very natural.